The future development of Canada goose

Canadian luxury down brand Canada Goose in recent years, the rapid red, after the listing is more ambitious, some analysts refer to their annual sales or advance to 3 years to exceed 1 billion U.S. dollars. According to Canada Goose Toronto Store (NYSE: GOOS), the first-quarter results released yesterday showed that its sales rose 44% per cent to $28.2 million over the same period in the three months to June 30, with a net loss of $22 million from last year’s 14 million Canadian dollar to $12.1 million.

Canada Goose Wholesale channel Business After the adjustment, sales rose 27% to 19.9 million Canadian dollars, the direct retail channel sales rose 8.3% to 1.3 million Canadian dollars, mainly benefited from the brand in North America, France and the United Kingdom business growth and the period of brand in Toronto and New York opened stores, etc.

On a conference call after the earnings announcement, chief executive Dani Reiss declined to update expectations for the second quarter or the entire fiscal year, but revealed that Canada Goose toronto factory will accelerate its globalisation this year, opening new stores in Chicago, Boston, London, Calgary and Tokyo. London’s flagship store will be the largest flagship store in the world. Dani Reiss Special emphasis on the brand in Japan’s business has been the growth of brand performance, one of the driving force, and China will be the next brand to focus on the market

At the same time, Canada Goose will continue to innovate in core products and new categories of products to keep consumers fresh and improve profitability. Dani Reiss said, Canada Goose first knitted apparel series will be launched next week, the future will also add shoes and home category. In addition, the Canada Goose new lightweight jacket is very popular in retail, and Dani Reiss believes this category will be another new growth point for the company in addition to the down jacket