The true and false identification of Canada goose

In 1957 in Canada, some people think of the need to work in the Arctic and other places to make a reliable down jacket, the Canadian goose came into being. My feeling is that until today, the goose has become a fashionable product, still can feel the edge corner of the people working in the extreme cold area to consider canada goose chilliwack bomber review. Before the white velvet with Canadian-specific geese, and later heard that the use of duck down. The most adorable, and most hated, is the fur collar, used the North American Coyote fur, driving in winter must be careful of them. In order to ensure quality, all geese are produced in Canada, and each one has to go through the quality test of temperature to achieve the best outdoor wear effect. Therefore, the Canadian goose down later became a world-renowned brand, the brand in the local or life-long warranty.

The true and false identification of Canadian goose down jacket

I think the main quality is, after all, there is a temperature test, real goose production requirements are not up to, such as the pressure line is particularly close can not have wind, fabric soft, and even ┬áif Edmonton this cold is still soft, not like the ordinary down jacket has hardened. The most important thing is to find a reliable purchase channel, after all, thousands of of things to buy a fake quite vexed. There is a sister from Canada in the hands of the canada goose outlet toronto factory, there is also a so-called authentic purchase to the so-called “special counter Authentic”, the difference is very obvious. The following handsome pig to everyone listed, for your to referent. Authentic Canada Goose The Fur collar of Canadian goose Clothing is coyote fur (a few use Arctic fox fur, all parts of the high-grade material is the high price of CG, the color of gray with a dot brown, high degree of fluffy; false CG hair collar side using a lower degree of artificial hair, like dog hair, raccoon hair