How canada goose trillium parka become popular.

The canada goose trillium parka brand, in North America can be counted as the listed people know, can be counted as outdoor “street clothes.” Why would an outdoor down jacket be as crazy as an Apple phone?

The reason is also very simple. Because this outdoor down jacket brand in recent years exposure rate is really too high. To the Canadian Prime Promo Code with 50 off Minister Durudo, Russian President Vladimir Putin to the film and television actor almost everyone has a persistent passion for Canadian geese. Everyone likes to wear one, after all, in the outdoors windproof and warm and still very fashionable

In fact, the first people to wear a Canadian goose down jacket, are some of the outdoor extreme climate work, such as the high latitude of the police, environment, and even the perennial working in the Antarctic Usap (U.S. Antarctic Expedition) outdoor players. Each of these people is sent a Canadian goose’s outdoor feather coat, and then can be happy in the outdoor cold areas normal outdoor operations. Because Canadian geese are the warmest outdoor coats available on the market, none of them. In particular, USAP’s red outdoor coat is a necessary outfit for all the Antarctic inspectors, who are also forced to place “scarlet” at the fingertips of the plane in order to withstand the cold outdoors in the event of an unfortunate crash.

In 1982, Laurie Skreslet became the first canada goose trillium parka vs kensington to Mount Everest, when he was wearing an outdoor outfit that was produced by Canada Goose. Like the Arctic expedition, won four times Yukon Quest dog sled race Lance Mackey, also is usually a Canadian goose. In 2009, the extreme runner Ray Zahab was also dressed in Canada Goose, 33 days, 23 hours and 55 minutes alone on foot in Antarctica, setting a world record.