Why canada goose is more popurlar than Moncler in New York

A few days ago in New York, the weather was unusually cold, and the people who saw the streets were wearing a “red and white Blue” round logo coat (down jacket), which intrigued me. When I was shopping, I noticed the brand–cheap canada Goose outlet. Also strange to say, the United States clothing brand many, but when it comes down to this subdivision area, the selectivity is really not much, New York is nothing more than Canada Goose and Moncler two main choice.

Moncler China’s onsumers are not unfamiliar, although a lot of people do not know how to pronounce this word, but do not affect its high-end store in China everywhere, received by China’s high-income people/high-end people/fashionable people, such as a broad group of hot, to make the down jacket so stylish good-looking Moncler Indeed, there are extraordinary, and then the price of the million is in line with the above mentioned part of the consumer Psychology of China, of course, Moncler China operating partners also work.

The average American’s spending on clothes is irrational, so expensive Moncler don’t wear many people on the streets of New York, even if they do, 10 of the seven or eight are Chinese compatriots. It really amazes me to come back and talk about Canada Goose, so many people on the streets of New York are wearing them (and it’s not a New York Winter Street suit). The style of its clothes is relatively “boring”, fabric feel is also relatively rough, the whole clothing is very thick, I personally do not like the angle. But just now, the Americans on the clothing requirements of the rational, that is not too “fastidious”, practical best, plus Canada Goose price only Moncler half (most models of 400-500 U.S. dollars one), and advertised as Canada goose toronto outlet made, received welcome is also expected